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Timeshare Lawyer files Lawsuit against Bluegreen Resorts

Timeshare Attorney Mitchell Sussman takes legal action vs. Bluegreen Resorts

Timeshare Attorneys from the law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates have filed a series of lawsuits on behalf of Promotoria Sunset Group Resorts owners against abusive timeshare resort companies.

These lawsuits have resulted in settlement and judgments against timeshare developers not only releasing owners from their timeshare contract but in some cases the return of down payments and an award of attorney fees.

To see if you are eligible to have your timeshare cancelled – just click here for your no-cost Timeshare Attorney Evaluation to have your Timeshare Contract Cancelled!

If you are the owner of a Bluegreen timeshare and are seeking damages, the return of your deposit and release from your ongoing obligations, we are here to help. There are currently a series of new legal actions being prepared by our timeshare attorneys designed to assist timeshare owners like yourself in exiting your timeshare contract for good.

For example, some timeshare owner complaints that Timeshare Legal Action receive from clients include feeling pressured into buying and reassured about travel opportunities, and nothing panning out when it's time to book the vacation. Many are not interested in keeping their timeshare. The timeshare maintenance fees have skyrocketed. The timeshare owners were lied to when buying it. They want would like to get out of it. They attended a presentation that lasted more than 2 hours, it took 3 salesmen to coerce them to sign, and were continually told them that the customer was retired and on a fixed budget, but they falsely promised that it was a real state so I could sell it for a profit or rent it.

Some were intentionally misled or pressured to purchase, and were never informed that they had to pay maintenance or that in order to use it they needed to buy points. Many have never used the resort since the time of purchase struggle to make the payments. Timeshare owners often try to cancel the contract to no avail, while the timeshare resort keeps taking the payments from the credit cards and bank account. The maintenance fees keep going up and value of Timeshare is 0.

The legal experts at Timeshare Legal Action have a proven process to remedy the fraud and coercion you have been put through. Most timeshare exit cases do not go to court since a majority of them are settled outside of the courtroom. Settlement results vary depending on the client's timeshare resort and the different types of complaints and hardships experienced.

To see if you are eligible to have your timeshare cancelled, simply call us toll free at 800-233-8521 or fill out a short form so that we can give you a free evaluation for terminating your timeshare contract.

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