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Timeshare Attorney files Lawsuit against Diamond Resorts

Timeshare Attorney Mitchell Sussman takes legal action vs. Diamond Resorts on behalf of Diamond timeshare owners

Over the past several years, the law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates has filed a series of lawsuits representing timeshare owners like yourself against oppressive timeshare developers.

These lawsuits have resulted in settlement and judgments against timeshare developers not only releasing owners from their ongoing timeshare obligations but in some cases the return of down payments and an award of attorney fees.

If you are the owner of a Diamond timeshare and are seeking damages, the return of your deposit and release from your ongoing obligations, contact a Timeshare Legal Action timeshare attorney to help. There are currently a series of new legal actions being prepared by our timeshare attorneys designed to assist timeshare owners in their fight against coercive timeshare practices.

For example, Attorney Mitchell Reed Sussman has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his clients, Minoru and Mari Imai, a retired couple who discovered in May that a timeshare they'd purchased in April was not what was promised. The case entitled Imai v. Diamond, Orange County Superior Court, case no. 30-2019-01087447-CU-FR-CJC alleges that after a six hour presentation a Diamond salesperson, acting as a duel agent with the fiduciary responsibility duty to act in good faith and with fair disclosures, opened two credits cards in his clients' name without their knowledge or consent and charged these credit cards a combined amount of $24,000.00.

"My clients were only made aware of this at the end of the presentation when the agent explained he'd already taken those steps for them. It is outrageous to think that someone would do this to senior citizens."

But perhaps most egregious according to Sussman was that Mr. Imai, a diabetic, had been deprived of food and drink other than water even though he complained of hypoglycemia.

"The degree to which Diamond's agent intimidated and lied to my clients is almost criminal," Sussman alleges. "He fraudulently filled out a credit application which indicated that the Imai's were gainfully employed earning $185,000.00 per year when in fact they were retired and on a fixed income."

In addition to charging the down payment on the Imai's credit cards, the salesman had plaintiffs execute loan documents obligating them to ten years of payments of over $700.00 per month.

"They could never in their lifetime utilize all the points sold to them." says Sussman. "Moreover, the agents fraud put my clients in dire financial condition. And his promises that the timeshare would appreciate appears to be an out and out lie. If it weren't you would think that Diamond would be only too happy to take it back and resell it themselves."

It's not too late to file legal action against your timeshare resort. Timeshare Legal Action timeshare attorneys have negotiated or otherwise caused the release of over 20,000 timeshare contracts.

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