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Timeshare Cancellation Client Reviews

As you can see from our client reviews, the proven timeshare exit services of Timeshare Legal Action can help you cancel your timeshare.

Note: These reviews, testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Good day,

My wife and I would like to thank Mr. Sussman and your team for the wonderful job you did on closing our timeshare. We are delighted not to have this expense any longer. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly worthwhile. It’s a joy for us to be free from this financial burden during these times. Thanks again and we hope you and your team are staying safe.

- Mr. and Mrs. Fox

Dear Mitchell Reed Sussman,

We are very satisfied with the service I was provided by your law firm. All of the client service staff were very helpful and I could see they all worked as a team along with my attorney to get me out of my timeshare in Las Vegas. I feel very relieved now that I don't have to stress about the timeshare developer harassing me all the time, because you handled my case with ease within a short period of time. I feel very thankful and happy with this company and will recommend people that are going through the same situation --- get help from Timeshare Legal Action and Mitchell Sussman -- you will not regret it.

- Kelli

Dear staff at Timeshare Legal Action,

When I got your letter saying that I'm out of my timeshare contract it was like music to my ears. We've been waiting for this relief for a long time, and tried listed for sale online to no avail. Now it's official -- I'm out. For a group of lawyers, law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates were up front, legitimate and proficient at what they do. I am grateful for what they accomplished, and feel relieved emotionally and financially. I will highly recommend you to people I know if they happen to need help for the same exact issue -- getting out from underneath a money-draining timeshare.

- Tom

To Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates,

After we were pressured into a scam regarding a timeshare membership, we are finally able to be free of it and no longer have to pay for something not being used. And neither will our children. We are very happy about the outcome of the case releasing us, and many other people like us, of this problem. The calls to kept us up to date on the process were very professional and it all was handled in a timely manner. Nice work in helping me get rid of a troublesome timeshare. Thank you very much to Timeshare Legal Action and Mitchell Reed Sussman.

- Melyssa

Dear Mr. Sussman,

Thank you for your continued and heroic pursuit of justice for consumers against giant timeshare and vacation oriented corporations... and the multitude of associated entities through which it continues to defraud thousands of consumers with impunity.

Discovery has revealed that we are clearly victims of racketeering and are seeking damages accordingly. Two deeded timeshares were "traded in", a bait and switch scenario resulting in securities being obtained across state lines through the mail.

- Very truly yours,

Thank you Mr. Sussman,

A man from you office called me today and basically told me the same thing, that if "they [a timeshare resale company] want buy something from you they need to pay you. You should not pay them. Do you not vary from this rule and you will be fine." I appreciate your taking the time to answer me. You just saved me $4000. I am indebted to you and your kindness.

Thank you,
- Marilyn

Dear Mitchell Reed Sussman and Associates,

Chenille and I would like to say THANK YOU so much for handling our case. Your service was second to none, you made the process very easy to deal with and we're very pleased with the way it was handled.It is good to know that Timeshare Companies do have to accept responsibility for their misrepresentations and that the public can be protected. Without hesitation, we will definitely recommend your timeshare attorneys to anyone we know that may need your help.Once again we thank you!

- Cheers !
Kymeberly and Chennile

Dear Mr. Sussman,

We are thrilled! Last night we sent off the signed and notarized paperwork. Thank you so very much for helping us eliminate the burden of timeshare ownership.

After becoming entangled in double-talk with our timeshare, then discovering the near impossibility of selling it, we were feeling quite trapped. We couldn't even donate it without incurring a cost to do so. It was then that we came across your firm.

You and your staff turned a frustration into a seamless, worry-free transaction. We very much appreciate that you were not only accessible but gave prompt responses to our questions and concerns. In addition, keeping us informed as to where we were in the process not only demonstrated your professionalism but was a true comfort to us.

Thank you again. You turned the impossible into a "yes, we can" reality.

- Sincerely,
Mr. & Mrs. M

Dear Sirs,

I wish to thank you for your efforts on my behalf in resolving the matters concerning my timeshare with Wyndham Resorts, and Wyndham Club Plus. I found you to be very professional and helpful.

- Sincerely yours,
Mr. P

Dear Mr. Mitchell Sussman Esq.,

We thank you very much for all the help you have given us in response to the relieving us of our Timeshare. You cannot imagine how long we have tried to rid ourselves of this burden! We have talked to many companies about selling or having them relieve us of this burden, each and every one was a time-consuming effort and none of it had bared any fruit.

I also must state that most companies wanted us to put up large amounts of money to list or advertise. I could not get a guarantee that they could do what they said! Thank you again for the professional and speedy resolve of our Timeshare.

- Sincerely,
Mr. & Mrs. L

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I want to thank you . As a result I was able to rid myself of this burden without a foreclosure, also with your help I was able to send my results to the 3 credit bureaus to update my standing, this included "Bill Me Later" and raise my credit score.

Thank you again for a job well done.

- Sincerely,
Barry I.

Dear Mitchell Sussman & Associates,

We would like to thank you all for all your effort and time to help us out to terminate the Timeshare with Villa De Palmar, Cancun.

The great news you gave us changed our lives completely.

Thank you all!!!

We'll definitely recommend you in the future!

- Sincerely,
Mr. & Mrs. G


I would like to thank you "SO MUCH" for getting us out of our timeshare with Wyndham Resorts.

You were literally a life saver knowing that we had been taken advantage of and lied to. Our world had been turned upside down. That's when we found you. You kept your word by answering every email and phone conversation. Above all you assured us that we would be free of any obligation to Wyndham Well that has happened and we thank you again. You have been an answer to prayer.

If we could in anyway be of help to you with your future clients concerning timeshares we would love to help with testimonies etc.

- Sincerely,
Mr. W

Dear Attorney Sussman,

Finbar and I wish to thank you for working with us to get out of Wyndham Vacation Ownership. Your help has been deeply appreciated.

We wish you God's blessings as you continue your work of advocacy for others.

- Sincerely,
Rhoda & Finbar

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