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What is Success? Timeshare Contract Cancellations!
Cancel your Timeshare Contract – Even if you have a Mortgage!
Techniques pioneered by the timeshare consumer advocates from the law office of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates have emerged in recent years that have resulted in timeshare companies becoming more agreeable to releasing timeshare owners from their timeshare obligations.

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These techniques reached the summit through a series of lawsuits filed in California by the law office of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates, working on behalf of a group of timeshare owners that had wanted nothing more than the complete release, termination and cancellation of their timeshare interests.

What followed were other similar actions, each seeking damages for the deceptive and fraudulent conduct that is almost always utilized by timeshare sales people for the purpose of inducing unwitting potential owners to sign on the dotted line.

As a result of these actions, the law office of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates has had unparalleled success in terminating timeshare contracts and their ongoing financial obligations.

To see our successes, click on any of the links from this page and you will see examples of contract cancellations, the result of which was the release of former timeshare owners from their lifetime obligation to pay.

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* The examples of Proof of Performance contained on these pages are examples only. The cannot be construed or interpreted as a prediction or guaranty of future success. Every case is different.

Actual Timeshare Contract Cancellations
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Diamond Resorts International:
Diamond Resort - 2
Diamond Resort - 3
Mexican Timeshare
ResortCom International:
ResortCom 2:
Royal Holiday:
Shell Vacations Club:
Summer Bay:
Thousand Trails:
Vacation Resorts International
Vacation International
Wyndham Resorts, #1:
Welk Resorts
Wyndham Resorts, #2: