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Cancel your Timeshare Contract with a Timeshare Attorney

Exit your timeshare contract and end your timeshare obligations forever, even if you have a mortgage!

Timeshare Exit GuaranteeThe expert California timeshare attorney at Timeshare Legal Action and the Law Offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates specializes in timeshare exit, cancellation and relief for embattled timeshare owners no longer interested in paying the ever escalating fees that are associated with timeshare ownership.

Timeshare Legal Action is a consumer advocacy firm that specializes in protecting individuals from misleading and predatory timeshare practices. Our offices have obtained timeshare exits for thousands of timeshare owners from all over the world.

Proven Timeshare Cancellation Attorneys

While it's true that a timeshare contract is a legally binding document, it is mistaken to think that such a contract cannot be cancelled. This is a myth perpetuated by timeshare developers and user groups that are funded maintained and controlled by the timeshare industry. Under general contract law, the truth of the matter is contracts are cancellable for a variety of reasons including fraud, misrepresentation and failure of consideration.

To find out more about the process of cancelling your timeshare, call us toll free at 800-233-8521 or fill out a short form to exit your timeshare contract.

In addition to obtaining thousands of timeshare exits, our firm, the best timeshare exit lawyer, has filed and won, either by judgment or settlement, multiple lawsuits against the world's largest timeshare developers and continues to pursue such actions seeking not only a permanent cancellation of your timeshare contract, but in some instances the return of client money. All told, the best timeshare lawyer has filed five actions against Wyndham and later actions have been filed against other prominent timeshare resort companies, such as Diamond Resorts and GeoHoliday Vacation Club.

A lecturer and author on the subject of real estate the law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates has been in business for over 40+ years specializing in real estate litigation. Its founder, Mitchell Sussman, is licensed both as an attorney and real estate broker and has written and lectured extensively on the subject of real estate, bankruptcy, foreclosure and timeshare.

If you have been the victim of timeshare fraud, contact the timeshare attorneys of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates for a No-cost Timeshare Attorney Evaluation of your right to terminate your timeshare contract.

Moreover, if you are suffering from a financial hardship and are no longer able to afford or simply want to sell your timeshare, call your time share company and see if they are willing to take back their timeshare as many of the timeshare developers have programs designed for those in financial distress or simply want to sell.

If, however, your timeshare does not have a program that fits your needs and its seems like you will be stuck with the timeshare and its obligations to pay maintenance fees for life, you should consult with a lawyer familiar with these laws.

See the recent Proof of our Timeshare Exit Attorney Performance

In sum, do not despair, hope exists for those timeshare owners who wish to cancel their timeshare contract and no longer be burdened by their timeshare and it's lifetime of financial obligations. The timeshare attorneys at Timeshare Legal Action have the expertise to get you out of your timeshare.

The Proven Exit Service
For Timeshare Owners
With over 40+ years of experience, our law firm has a proven track record of helping distressed owners who have been the victim of fraud and misrepresentation.
Take advantage of our timeshare attorney evaluation so you can make an educated decision about rescinding or returning your timeshare property.

Our Team
Timeshare exit legal team

Why the timeshare attorneys of Timeshare Legal Action and the Law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates is your best hope for Timeshare Relief

Many timeshare owners are finding that they are burdened by the financial commitments that are part and parcel of timeshare ownership.

Led by Attorney Mitchell Reed Sussman with over 40 years of experience, Timeshare Legal Action and the Law Office of Mitchell Sussman & Associates is a law firm that is dedicated to consumer protection. Having specialized in real estate matters for more than forty years with a concentration on timeshare law, our timeshare attorneys have a unique understanding of the pitfalls of timeshare ownership and what is essentially a non-existent secondary market of timeshare resales.

At the Law Office of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates we have heard countless stories from our clients about sales practices that involve a variety of enticements in order to make a timeshare sale. Complimentary cruises, free vacations, gifts of designer luggage or the latest iPad. And for this, each was asked to sit through an hour long presentation that turned in to an all-day sales pitch, filled with high pressure sales delivery while trapped in a small room. The hard core sales delivery was followed by rapid-fire signings of mountains of “closing” documentation as the salesman explained very little of what each piece of paper contained. It is customary for us to hear from our clients an awakening of sorts when the reality of the first bill comes in the mail.

In addition to high pressure sales tactics, we frequently hear the frustration in trying to book vacations, with peak rooms and times unavailable for years or there was simply not enough points to make the desired reservation.

A good timeshare attorney understands that there is a very high probability that the timeshare developer is exposed legally in ways that are relatively straightforward and provable. This is where the choice to hire experienced, competent counsel comes into play.

At the Law Office of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates, we have pioneered the field of timeshare exit by cancellation lawyers. Moreover, unlike private non-lawyer companies, which are focused on their bottom line, a best timeshare exit attorney has a fiduciary and legal obligation, to put their client's interests first. At the Law Office of Mitchell Reed Sussman& Associates our duty is to pursue justice for our clients and our clients alone.

Timeshare Exit Attorneys - Resort Cancellation

Your Timeshare Legal Problems are Solvable

The experienced timeshare attorneys at the Law Office of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates are available to help should you no longer wish to be a timeshare owner.

There are a number of avenues available to timeshare consumers interested in relief from the heavy burden a timeshare obligation can bring. Your first attempt should always be to call your timeshare to see if they have a program available to you. Should that fail, a licensed timeshare attorney is a consumer's best bet when it comes to timeshare exit. Get in touch with a timeshare attorney as soon as possible.

Along with the knowledge of the laws of the state and the nuances of timeshare contracts, an attorney experienced in this field can offer you protection from debt collectors and litigation.

When it comes to protection from debt collectors, only a licensed attorney can provide the legal representation necessary to prohibit the harassing and incessant debt collection phone calls that are part of any debt cancellation work.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act stipulates that third party debt collectors are legally prohibited from directly contacting a debtor (such as a timeshare owner withholding a resort payment) if that debtor has retained an attorney. With that stated, the debt collector now must make contact with the working attorney. The only way they are able to contact the consumer is if granted permission, or should the attorney fail to respond to the debt collector in a reasonable period of time.

Protection from debt collectors can provide you the peace of mind that will allow you to go about your day unburdened from harassing creditor calls. Be preventing outside debt collectors from calling and harassing you, the law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates and Timeshare Legal Action are able to provide the timeshare owner with a layer of protection that will give the attorney and you the timeshare owner the leverage to negotiate your timeshare relief.

The final piece to the puzzle in securing your timeshare lawyer and timeshare release is litigation against a timeshare resort . Our timeshare attorneys have commenced multiple pieces of litigation against timeshare developers with outstanding results, gaining not only exits but the return of money. Needless to say, the potential threat of litigation by a firm that specializes in such timeshare exit cases is a powerful tool in the arsenal of a timeshare attorney.

Our founder, renown timeshare attorney Mitchell Sussman, has established a culture at our law firm that can best be summarized as follows:

Unlike most timeshare exit companies, the law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates consider ourselves counselors, not sales people. We are not here to sell you anything!

Mitchell Reed Sussman has been licensed by the California State Bar since 1977.

If our timeshare attorneys can help you with your timeshare release, we would be happy to do so. That is our mission, to counsel and provide solutions for those burdened by the financial obligations related to timeshare ownership.

To gain more information about timeshare exit and relief, contact our timeshare attorney team at Timeshare Legal Action or call us at 800-233-8521.

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