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Finally, hope exists for those timeshare owners, who wish to cancel their timeshare contract and no longer be burdened by their timeshare and it's lifetime of financial obligations.

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On March 2, 2012, the law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman, a timeshare cancellation attorney in California, became the first private law firm to file legal action against Wyndham Vacation Resorts and its affiliate companies for fraud in connection with the sale and maintenance of their timeshares. That first action, entitled Rivera et. al. v. Wyndham etc., et. al., in the California Superior Court, Riverside County, Case No. INC 1201451 and the lawsuits that followed are the source of that ray of hope. All told four actions have been filed, the latest of which was filed on March 11, 2013, is entitled, Scott et. al. v. Worldmark etc., et. al. in the California Superior Court, Riverside County, Case No. INC 1301585. While it's true that a timeshare contract is a legally binding document, it is mistaken to think that such a contract cannot be cancelled. It is a myth that timeshare companies contracts are not cancellable. This myth, is perpetuated by timeshare developers and user groups that are funded maintained and controlled by the timeshare industry. Under general contract law, the truth of the matter is contracts are cancellable for a variety of reasons. If you have been the victim of timeshare fraud, contact the law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates for a FREE EVALUATION of your right to terminate your timeshare contract. The Law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates has been in business for over 30+ years specializing in real estate litigation. Its founder, Mitchell Sussman, is licensed both as an attorney and real estate broker and has written and lectured extensively on the subject of real estate, bankruptcy, foreclosure and timeshare.
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With over 30 years of experience, our law firm has a proven track record of helping distressed owners who have been the victim of fraud and misrepresentation.
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